Friday, 12 September 2014


Not a single one of the guided tours devoted to the Holocaust would miss a visit to the infamous Auschwitz and Birkenau
concentration camps.  Many areas of these camps have been destroyed as they were a poor reminder of the horrible things
that happened there but there are several sites left to see and to think upon.

By this time, many travelers on guided tours of the Holocaust run the risk of being depressed by what they’ve witnessed. 
For this reason, as the tour winds southward again, a stop in Prague, in the Czech Republic, might be a good idea. 
It’s a beautiful city with castles and lovely architecture to see and explore.

While in the Czech Republic, many guided tours related to the Holocaust will take you to the site of the village of Lidice
and the memorial there.  It was the site where, in 1942, all male residents of the village were massacred and the remaining
villagers were deported before the village was destroyed in its entirety.

Camp Mauthausen in Austria and Dachau in Germany will round out most guided tours involving the Holocaust. 
Both are infamous camps and are a big part of the history the Holocaust has to show the people of today.

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